• How does it work?
    -  Similar to how that otherChristmas toy works, Coal in a Bowl™ comes out after your child/children has had a not so nice day.  Coal in a Bowl can hang        around as long as you want him to, until the behavior has improved.

• Is there any other uses?
    -  YES!!  There are other uses for Coal in a Bowl.  Those can be, holiday decorations, gifts, office décor, or any other way you could think of.

• What comes with my Coal in a Bowl purchase?
    -  Coal in a Bowl™  Toy and a short story card.

• Can I return my Coal in a Bowl™ purchase?
    -  Yes that is not a problem at all.  There is a 30 day return policy.

• Can I add photos of how I use Coal in a Bowl  to my social media account?
    -  Absolutely!!!  We encourage that!  Just make sure you tag us @coalinabowl or #coalinabowl  We have accounts on facebook, instagram, and twitter.

• Is Coal in a Bowl  available to be purchased for resale?
    -  Currently Coal in a Bowl is not available to be purchased by any wholesale       sites, or anyone that runs one.  The unauthroized use or sale of Coal in a             Bowl for any reason will be subject to all legal remedies available.  Coal in a Bowl™ is currently patent pending.  The Coal in a Bowl™ name is a registered trademark of Murphy Designs LLC.