How Coal in a Bowl Works

Parents: We know Christmas is a fun and exciting time for kids, but sometimes the excitement can be a bit too much for them…and us!  We’ve all been there – the kids stop listening, they start fighting with their siblings, they refuse to help around the house, and they won’t stop whining.  When your child has one of those days, Coal in a Bowl can magically appear while your child is asleep.  He can sit on your counter, mantle, TV stand, desk, wherever!  There’s no need to put him in any funny positions or make him look like he’s having a tea party with the dolls (of course you can if you want!). When your child sees him the next day, you can read the story card that comes with him so they understand why he’s at your house – to remind your child to behave.  Coal in a Bowl can hang around as long as it takes for your kids to start listening again.  And no need to move him every night, because as a parent you have too many other things to worry about!


It's as simple as that! 


You can use Coal in a Bowl in other ways too.  Maybe your officemate has a case of the bah-humbugs. Give him Coal in a Bowl to proudly display on his desk.  Or, if your spouse forgets to move the other Christmas toy overnight and you’re left to explain why the toy didn’t move for the fourth night in a row, bring out Coal in a Bowl™, and hopefully your spouse won’t forget again!


Other Uses for Coal in a Bowl™
  • Holiday Decoration
  • Holiday Gift Exchange Parties
  • Office Décor

Or any other way you could think of!  Get yours today so you’re ready for the holiday season!

We’d love to see when Coal in a Bowl visits your house or office!  Post pictures and tag #coalinabowl.  You can find us on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook!


Coal in a Bowl has been featured on the local news! 

What’s in the box:

Coal in a Bowl™ toy

  • A short story card to tell the tale about why Coal in a Bowl™ is visiting your family